In 2024, we're offering a series of free courses on architecture styles. These courses cover different architectural styles, from the past to the present. You'll learn about their history, what influenced them, and how they affect us today. These courses give you valuable insights into how architecture shapes our world. We'll explore every aspects of architectural design and see how these styles continue to make an impact in our daily lives.

World Architecture

New in 2024: A Comprehensive Survey of World Architecture from Ancient to Modern Times, Now Available for Free!

The Greatest Architectural Marvels: A Free Course Supported by Global Experts: A Comprehensive Catalog of World Architecture: From Ancient to Modern Times. The Largest Free Architectural Projects Ever, Endorsed and Supported by Many Architectural Professors from Around the World.

Rib Vault

Rib vault Gothic Architecture Free Course| Definition, History, & Architecture

Understanding Ribbed Vaults: The Backbone of Gothic Architecture

Introduction to Ribbed Vaults