Building a House: A Step-by-Step Guide

Building Your Own Home A Step-by-Step Guide

There are plenty of websites that try to teach you how to build your own home, but unfortunately, they all fail miserably. We teach you about home construction techniques and the whole process of making building your own dream house a reality.

This is a guide that is written by many experts in both design and construction collaborating together to guide with easy-to-understand steps. They address each aspect of the home building process. In this building your own home guide, they greatly simplify the complicated construction process. Also, they explain the construction technology and material in simple terms that anyone can understand. 

What you will find in this guide:

  1. How to manage the construction process; Detailed instruction guide showing you the entire construction process.
  2. How to manage the legal and financial detail
  3. Plenty of photographs, illustrations,  architectural and construction drawings, floor plans, etc to show you how each part of the house is built.
  4. Learn how to find the perfect lot and how to select the right design that meets your vision.
  5. How to  apply for a building permit
  6. How to find and where to look for the best financing terms for your new home.
  7. What to look for in independent contractors?
  8. How to manage and supervise the contractors' work yourself to save money and to get the best result.
  9. How to control every stage of the construction yourself like a bro.
  10. Learn everything about plumbing and electrical work, etc.
  11. You will find everything you need to know about the whole process from the concept stage to installing doorknobs.

This is basically a practical guide filled with useful information. Building your own home guide covers all things related to building a great customized house for the daring ones.

Let's get to it:

How to Build Your Own House

Beginners to Advanced Guide to How to Build Your Own Custom Home

Welcome building enthusiasts! In this guide, you will find a host of information dedicated to wood-frame construction and the basic and advanced “how-to’s” on wood-frame design and homebuilding. Here, you can read about the ideas surrounding the wood-frame building and Healthy Housing principles. With this knowledge, you will learn how to properly use wood-frame housing technology to build your house or wood-frame building and dream house.

Intro: How to Build a New Home While Utilizing Green Designs Principles?

Building the Green Way: while learning about the concepts and ideologies surrounding wood-frame building and construction, we will also discuss tools on how to build homes that utilize green designs that incorporate sustainability concepts. Through these pages and tutorials, you will find practical methods and tools that explain these concepts, therefore helping you translate them into reality when planning the design of your building. We will also discuss the role of the green building council in helping you achieve this goal.

As you read through this guide, you will develop an overall understanding of the steps and processes that go into wood-frame building and house building. We recommend that you quickly read through each of the titles and topics to get an overview of the building process. Thereafter, we suggest that you go through each topic in more depth. However, if you are looking for only a specific topic, you will find that each section is filled with great detail and information that can help answer your questions on how to build a home or other wood-framed building.

Each section explains the practical, environmental, and technical aspects of wood-frame building construction. As a builder and designer, it is important that you consult your local building departments, suppliers, traders, and city by-laws when designing and building a house before beginning any construction process. Laws and codes vary from region to region and so it is imperative that during the planning phase (and while using this guide as a “how-to” reference) that you take all of these elements into consideration.

As your own builder, you should also reference the codes of standards that discuss housing in your jurisdiction to ensure you are meeting your city’s requirements. All measurements on this guide contain imperial and metric units.

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