Virtual Design Studio

Virtual Design Studio: Complete Online Design Studio Coming Soon. The virtual design studio is the alternative to the traditional face-to-face design studio that will utilize the internet.

Prescriptive Learning enables dynamic delivery of content based on pre-tests and designed to help people with learning difficulties improve their skills and knowledge.

It is the most important section since it is where you will learn virtually what architectural students learn in universities. Design studio is still the core of architectural education after all, and the virtual design studio will play that same important role.

Technology has a decided impact on architectural education. With the internet rapidly growing as a tool for mass communication, the situation now exists for architectural design studios to be offered online. The use of digital media is gradually replacing the traditional design studio and universities are rapidly adopting the blending technique. Blending technique refers to the method of mixing the traditional design studio with the online virtual design studio.

  • Why Online Design Studio?

There are many benefits to using the online design studio. For instance, online design studio allows more accurate and consistent data. It allows flexibility in viewing course information that's because you will be able to do so as many times as you wish. Moreover, it allows students to propose, and experiment more efficiently.

A big advantage of online design studios is the efficiency of instruction method. Students are not bound to a time and place. In the traditional studio, it is common for a student to wait hours for just a few minutes of directions.

In addition, the online studio makes you learn to use the latest technologies which are used in today's design offices. Being familiar with these technologies is no doubt an advantage to you as it helps prepare you to succeed in professional practice.

Such design studios are already up and running across the world, bringing in small groups of students from across the globe to take part in small scale projects. These small projects allow students to be more creative and learn greatly from different cultures.

They also point out the problems with online work, such as differing levels of computer technology in universities and issues with time zones and communication. Such disadvantages are still being grappled with by tutors and students alike, though even these problems provide important knowledge about what to expect from such a system. In order for online architecture degrees to be a full success, the virtual design studios will be an important aspect.