Stone House Design

Stone House Design Styles: A Modern Look. Although many houses are traditionally built using wood as the major material, there are alternatives to the traditional design, and one of these alternatives is to make the home from stone.

Stone houses have the same interior design as any other house could, but their outside is very different, utilizing different kinds of stone in the building process, often having a stone chimney and using flagstones for the walkway to the house and stone for the driveway.

The result is a classical appearance that is reasonably easy to maintain and will look nice for far longer than wooden houses. Many historical sites are buildings made from stone, not wood, and many important buildings such as government offices are built mainly from stone in order to preserve the building from accidents and the elements.

Stone houses are also considered to be more environmentally sustainable than their wood counterparts. Stone houses come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, from small cottages to large mansions; from rough looking smaller homes, to elegant houses.

Stone is the oldest construction material to build shelter from and so from that come a long history of styles and building methods. Like wood, stone allows for many different kinds of materials into the construction-granite, brick, marble, etc. and thus allows for a greater breadth of creativity on the part of the architect.

House designs can also accommodate for both wood and stone in the design process-the use of wood on the roof and parts of the house and the use of stone in the walls and yard, for example. Interior design can also rely heavily on the use of stones to add elegance and longevity to the home. Kitchens are a popular place to incorporate stone design, such as granite, marble or even soapstone countertops.

These countertops remain beautiful for decades and are easy to maintain. Stone also allows architects and clients to pick out unique designs for their homes because each stone is going to be subtly different which means unique texturing and coloring in a home and this allows everyone involved to express themselves in a beautiful way.

Stone can also be used in smaller ways such as with landscaping whereby stone can be used to enhance gardens, walkways, and lawns which not only adds to the beauty of the house, but also protects plants and walkways from wear and tear. The use of stone as walls, arches, and floors can add a classical medieval feel to the house which will make a home far more unique than the simple wooden homes.

With more concerns about the environment and the effect people are having on trees and lumber, stone is turning into a very viable building material.

Stone is easy to maintain, looks very elegant while being unique, and is a far more plentiful resource than the trees that are cut down for houses. Stone can also be formed, cut, and chosen to serve all manner of functions for the home.

It is also very durable and things made from stone will last longer than that made from wood with less work put into repairs and maintenance. For these reasons, among others, stone is becoming a popular choice for architects and home owners

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