Revit Free Training Tutorials

Revit is a very powerful multitasking program designed to handle many things without the need for another program. Possible operations include design options, calculation, design energy calculation, cost estimation, phasing, workset, rendering, walkthrough, and most importantly the amazing design change management that it uses by integrating BIM technology.

Revit Architecture allows you to design naturally and freely, and delivers projects efficiently. Because it is built for BIM, unlike AutoCAD, a change anywhere is a change everywhere, instantly.

There is no need for user interaction to manually update any view with this powerful tool which is the real beauty of Revit. Designs and documentation stay coordinated, consistent, and complete.

Revit is far superior compared to the long dominating AutoCAD. Just imagine how much time you save when you can make changes in any view, plan, section, or elevation, and the changes will reflect back in every aspects, every sheet, and every scheduling.

BIM model contains the building’s full cycle, starting from concept through construction to decommissioning. Revit's underlying relational database architecture uses the BIM model very well which made it possible to literally save 70% of your time.

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