How to be an Interior Designer ?

Interior designer are those who work on various home related designing and decorating projects of an interior buildings and houses spaces. Their jobs are to turn an interior space into an attractive, effective, usable, practical and functional setting for inhabitants.

An interior designer is a complete managing unit as he is responsible for the conceptual development of a project and the management and execution at the same time.

Interior Designers and Architects

The work of interior designers should not be confused with that of an architect. They, however, must work together to design and plan the structure of a client space. They should discuses in details the needs of the prospective occupants of a certain space. They also must agree upon a distinctive general style.

Interior designer are not only artist; being an expert of color, fabric, and furniture is not enough to be an interior designer. You must also have some unique ways of thinking to be able to successfully handle the artistic and technical aspects of a space. Thus, you must know about building materials, and must be knowledgeable about certain subjects such martial installation as well as knowledge about electrical capacity, safety, and construction in general.

Interior Decorators vs Interior Designers:

Interior designers are those who have extensive knowledge about what we just mentioned above. However, interior decorators are not very concerned with any technical aspects of a space.

Interior decorators don't have to work with contractors and clients and they are not involved in the planning and implementing of aesthetic and functional decisions.

Interior decorators are usually hired for their own personal vision and taste with no technical role while interior designers are hired for their expertise in a variety of styles and approaches to design.

School and Classes to Study Interior Design

There are accreditation process that certifies interior design programs to insure a high standard level of teaching.

Interior designers must get licensed to practice. you must have a combination of work experience, and around two years of schooling to apply to be a registered designer.

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