Home Exterior Design

Home Exterior Design and the Concept of Interior-Exterior: The exterior of a home is usually just as important as the interior of a home because it is the face that is presented to the public.

A shabby exterior often discourages people from coming too close and most real estate agents want a home to look nice on the outside as well as on the inside for the purposes of successfully selling a home.

The exterior can also make home owners feel good about the state of their house. Such a thing can be achieved with simple paint jobs on siding or with more elaborate work such as more elaborate roofing, painting, chimney work, and windows or even adding additions such as bay windows, porches or extra rooms.

Home exterior design has broken through into the computer age with many programs allowing people to virtually design their exterior to see how it looks before committing to the real thing. But it is a professional business for designers and architects as there is a real demand for work done on homes in order to spruce it up or keep up with the latest trends in color and style. Home exterior design also includes gardens and flowers, though this will be explored in another courses.

The exterior design aspect, as far as the architect is concerned, is just as important as the interior design aspect. It is important because the people one is building a home for will have expectations and want certain things from the outside appearance of their home, whether it is as simple as wanting a yard for children or animals, or as elaborate as gardens, unique home fixtures, and fancy stonework.

All of this must be taken into account because of the spacing issues that will come up while designing the house itself. The design of the exterior of a home covers many facets, including things that are rarely thought of such as lighting and building services like water and electricity. These considerations must be as strongly taken into account as the paint job or flowers for the architect.

People often prefer to hire professionals to handle the exterior work of their home because there are often things that people who are not trained in exterior design don’t think about. Even paint can be complex for people because of shade, color, and layering.

Other aspects can be even more complex such as refinishing driveways, yards, and siding. Still others prefer to do some of the work themselves, relying on their own sense of design to handle things like paint, siding, and doors. With a recent craze in home exterior design, the business is growing, as is private interest which is causing a mushrooming in businesses, guides, and computer programs specializing in home exterior design.

The real problem comes from choosing a company, guide, and/or program that is right for your needs and desires for your home, as well as whatever is practically feasible. For people interested in hiring an architect/designer to design their extriour: The best thing to do if you are truly in doubt of what you want is to at least have a consultation with a professional.

They will know any zoning laws you need to be aware of, tell you what would look best for your home, and help you narrow down your choices in paint, decoration, and other things. If nothing else, talking with a professional can spark your own creative energies and give you a clearer idea of what you want your home exterior to look like.

Afterward, you can either continue working with a professional or strike out on your own. There are plenty of do it yourself guides in bookstores and online which will walk you through what you need and how to get what you’re looking for in a home design. Do it yourself methods can be pricey though-you will have to literally pay for any mistakes you make and if it’s your first time, you are guaranteed to make some mistakes. However, ‘do it yourself’ can also be very fun and rewarding as you are the one making your vision come true.

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