Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is becoming a whole new independent program in many universities and now is considered a main academic field that studies human interaction with the environment.

Our planet has limited assets therefore there is a need to discover new ways of dealing with the environment and thus a new educational programs such as Environmental Design.

Environmental Studies or Environmental Design program offered in many universities as a 4-year degree begins with a two-year foundation and the final tow years usually are mainly on architectural themes like history and theory, technology and practice and ,of course as any other architectural degree, a core Studio Design curriculum. That will finally lead to a professional role in devising plans, designing, shaping and even, for some, making policies that concern both the natural and built environment.

Sustainably is emphasized just like any other architectural program at the heart of the Environmental Design program. Environmental design is therefore the applied arts and sciences of planning and making the built environment such as architecture and landscape architecture in general, urban planning, etc...

Environmental Design Courses:

Architectural History

Building or Architectural Technology

Design, Media, and Representation

Environment and Urban Form Environmental Design History, Environmental Design Studio : Terrains Constructions Institutions Settlements

  • Geometric Modeling and Digital geometry

No one can deny the ever increasing role of computer in building design and research. Architectural students nowadays must know how create geometric modeling using the computer. This course is a mix of applied mathematics and computational geometry. Students must learn how to create geometric modeling in two- or three-dimensional as most geometric modeling is done with computers.

The history of landscape architecture is somewhat a complex course as it shares much of its history with that of architecture, and also because "landscape Architecture" is considered a new field.

  • Landscape Technologies: Site Engineering Site Analysis and Planning