Open Floor Plans

I decided to write this article to teach you about the concept of Open Floor Plans. In modern home designs, many people prefer a home design that combines the kitchen and living room. They prefer spaces that are open and appear larger. To create an open floor plan, simply you combine the living room with kitchen and sometimes even with the study area. Some people even prefer a completely wild open spaces where there are no internal walls at all.

I believe this is not a very good idea as sometimes internal walls are important for many reasons. For example, bedrooms should always have walls to control sound. I strongly recommend that you keep the study area and bedrooms in their own enclosed space to provide a quite place for such activities.

Combining the kitchen and the living room gives you a spacious feelings and it makes the house look modern.

This kind of design offer a flexibility that allows you to change your home around easily. For example you can add movable walls to divide spaces or to provide privacy whenever you need to. This way, you will be able to change around your house design and look and feel in a matter of seconds. You will never feel bored with your house. Also,it's much cheaper to design a house using the open floor concept.

  • Open House Concept:

Open House Concept

  • Completely Open House Plan Concept:

Completely Open House Plan Concept

  • Modern Living Interior Design Open Concept

Modern Living Interior Design Open Concept