Housing Concepts

The second step of the design process is to Find Housing Concepts. First collect your design ideas and organize them in a file folder as starting collection of personal ideas. This is essential in order to create a satisfying house design project. Even if you have a certain idea in your mind about the perfect design for your house, you should consider several different designs to find the Concepts that best fits your needs and ideas.

So what are Concepts?

Well ask yourself..what kind of a house do you want? A modern house? Traditional? Or maybe a Victorian style house? That's is called finding house concepts. When architects start designing houses, they tend to start by by doing sketches drawn to represent the essence of a project or the design under consideration, and they call that concepts. Concepts can be as simple as hand-drawn paper sketches or professional illustrated drawings, all are good ways to convey an initial concept.

So, a concept is a broad abstract idea or something you thought or imagined and it will serve as a guiding general principle which will determines how things perceived. It's the most basic understanding of home design. We will add a free photography course to the tutorials to further shed some light on concepts. Photography techniques help you understand better homes concepts.


  • Mediterranean Style House

Mediterranean Style House

  • Mediterranean Style House 2

Visual Texture Mediterranean Style House 2

  • The Indian Bungalow Style

The Indian Bungalow Style

  • The Victorian Home Design

The Victorian Home Design

  • The Modern House Design

The Modern House Design