Developing the Design

This is the fourth phase of the design process things such as dimensions are added to the drawings. At this phase, everything must be organized and specified and easily read by professionals such as engineers, contractors, builders, and everyone else involved on the design-build process of your house. I'll help you develop your scheme/concept into a completely dimensioned drawing.

By now, we will have a clear conceptual design. Our scheme will already be chosen. We will also decide on a clear theme. Every door and window will be on the right place and documented and specified clearly. Every door and window will also contain detailed information on the document sheet such as the size, fire rate, and make.

You don't have to pay a professional to draw a "Site Plan" of your property, including elevations and sections, I'll show you how to do it by yourself.

  • Example of a Floor Plan: Modern Floor Plan

Example of a Floor Plan: Modern Floor Plan

Then I'll show you the process of shaping up the prints. Still yet, there are more important duties involved in managing your dream home.