Architectural Photography

Photography basics: Free short photography course for home designers.

We need to understand a little bit about graphic design in order to fully understand how to render our house when we are done designing it. Therefore, we will include an absolute beginner course on photography and related subjects.

It would be much fun if we learn how to produce a realistic photo of our house. It will give you a better idea of how your house will look like if it's to be built. Architects spend a great time creating 3d rendering images or models of their designs. Producing a realistic images of their designs for their customers is a big part of their jobs. I'll teach you everything you need to know when it comes to house design and rending. Architectural photography convey the experience of being in and around a built environment.

What is architectural photography ?

Digital architectural photography usually refers to renderings like the examples bellow.

  • Beautiful examples of architecture photography rendering; these are actually realistic (photorealistic) renderings and are not real:

Architectural Rendering Photography 1

Architectural Rendering Photography 2

Architectural Rendering Photography 3

Architectural Rendering Photography 5

Architectural Rendering Photography 6

Architectural Rendering Photography 7

Architectural Rendering Photography 8


How to create architectural photography?

We will actually, in details, talk about rendering at the final stage of designning a house using sketchup. The rendring of the final design will help you further understand the designing process to help you produce a better looking house design. Also, it should help contarcters and builders shall you decide to go ahead and build the house.

There are architectural firms that are specialized in 3D Renderings and Animations, but you can do it yourself. Our architects and designers have acquired a level of international project experience, allowing them to give you the highest quality of 3D Visualization lessons free of charge.

We invite you to browse through our wesbites as there are tons of courses about everything that has to do with architecture and design.