Architectural Design

  1. Home Theater Design and Ideas

    Media Room Design: This free course is a short course about Home Theater Design and Ideas.  You wil learn how to Design theater media rooms that stand out in very creative ways. This is a project-based course. You will learn how new innovatives technologies can be used to expressly encourage space transformation, and enhance special effects in a limited space areas.

    This course includes tips and articles on designing a Home Theater. There are how to articles and videos. By the end of the course you should be able to produce:

  2. Architectural Terms

    Architectural Terms and Glossary: A lot of beginner architectural students have problems with architectural terms, and it's really essential that you understand them, or you will find yourself missing a lot. It would be very hard for you to learn much without first a thorough understanding of the essential architectural terms. We will include terms that are very hard to find exact definition for, in the context of architecture, and terms that you don't usually find in architectural dictionary.

  3. Stone House Design

    Stone House Design Styles: A Modern Look. Although many houses are traditionally built using wood as the major material, there are alternatives to the traditional design, and one of these alternatives is to make the home from stone.

    Stone houses have the same interior design as any other house could, but their outside is very different, utilizing different kinds of stone in the building process, often having a stone chimney and using flagstones for the walkway to the house and stone for the driveway.

  4. Home Garden Design

    Home design encompasses more than the building of the house; it also covers the layout of the yard and gardens if the client in question wants one. Home garden design is another field of architectural design. Home Garden Designers work with the architect specializing in garden design rather than designing homes.

    Garden design offers a different breadth of design than houses-they can utilize different kinds of materials and appearances. Home garden design can involve stone work, trees, flowers, shrugs, even simply choosing what kind of grass will be planted and where in the yard.

  5. Home Exterior Design

    Home Exterior Design and the Concept of Interior-Exterior: The exterior of a home is usually just as important as the interior of a home because it is the face that is presented to the public.

    A shabby exterior often discourages people from coming too close and most real estate agents want a home to look nice on the outside as well as on the inside for the purposes of successfully selling a home.

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