CAD Tutorials

Architectural 3D CAD Tutorials Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics and Essentials of Computer Literacy. Computer graphics software is a very powerful design media tool which enables architects to design with efficiency.

Three-dimensional design visualization and analysis are now essential necessities as buildings are becoming more complex. As buildings become more complex, there is a need for more complex tools in order create buildings that are more sophisticated.

These tools are deepening and enriching our methods for designing buildings. This course is usually given as a prerequisite for higher architecture courses for all undergraduate architecture students. It's the first undergraduate design studio course.

This course will introduce the use of the personal computer as a tool for architectural illustration, drafting, and design. Many digital architectural terms will be introduced, such as 3D Scanning and Rapid Prototyping. Put simply, this course teaches skills crucial for all entering first year professional undergraduate students in architecture or environmental design.

This course is concerned with the development of computer-aided design (CAD) and the use of computer technology to design buildings, focusing on the 2D vector base drafting systems and the relatively new 3D modelers.

These two applications are used for developing and communicating design ideas. We will attempt in this course to show how software supports design thinking through the language of architectural graphic.

We will first discuss the essentials of computer literacy, and then we will focus on building skills and experience in image processing using both 2D and 3D modeling. Moreover, the rendering of buildings, inside and out, will be thoroughly discussed.

The integration of traditional and digital media to produce complex designs is also highlighted. You will also study how to model and edit 3D forms and spaces.

Your awareness of fundamental issues of design representation and the language of architectural graphics will be slowly developed over the course of each topic studied. Software used will include: Architectural Graphic Standards, Computer graphics software is very powerful design media tools that enable architects to really design with efficiently, Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics. 3d tutorials.