Installing Exterior Doors

Phase 2: Doors

One of the most important parts of occupant safety, which ties into the healthy housing principles, is related to home security for your house. It is important to consider these when selecting your doors for purchase. Selecting a door and hardware for the door needs to have the appropriate amount of resistance to forced entry. That being said, the doors, like the windows, add to the external aesthetics of the home and should also be selected to match your home design.

When selecting hardware for your door, it is better to go with the higher end ones since they will last you longer and provide the best durability and resistance to forced entry. There are standard codes that talk about the requirements for resistance under the National Building Code. The framing of the door also plays a role in resistance to forced entry. Adding extra screws in the drywall around the door frame will add extra resistance, and blocks should be placed between and jamb of the door and the framing to increase resistance.

You can choose from 4 common materials for your door. Fibreglass, wood, steel and plastic. Although the wood doors are naturally solid, the other materials often have inner and outer panels that are filled with insulation. A common mistake that people is that they really only consider the style and finish of the external doors, which we did not do. You can have custom doors built, but it is more common to buy and use pre-hung manufactured units that are ready to be installed when they are delivered.  When you install a pre-manufactured door, follow the instructions as they are given, or else you can lose your warranty.

door and frame

The most energy efficient doors are the modern styles, whereas wooden doors are more traditional and have long standing performance. If you want a door with a window, it needs to be heat efficient and can also have tempered glass for added safety. The weather stripping around the door protects against air leakage, so be sure to check this out when you are selecting an exterior door.