Home Finishes and Exterior

Phase 3

Stage 1 – Interior Finishing This stage takes approximately two weeks when installing the standard finishes but can take longer when more complicated finishes are selected for your building use. We began this step by putting in the ceilings, walls, and floor finishes. Once these items were completed and were prepared for painting and varnishing, we completed the other carpentry work such as finishes around interior doors, handrails, frames, and trim.

Stage 2 – Fixtures, Cabinets, Paint It will take approximately two weeks to complete this stage. Beginning with the interior painting is important, as it will ensure you are avoiding staining items such as your cabinets and fixtures. We found it most helpful to have the colour selection predetermined, with some back-up choices on hand just in case we changed our minds once we saw the house coming together.

The colour choices you make at this stage will stay with you for a long time, so be sure to consult your designer to select a pallet that is warm and welcoming. Once the painting is done, the cabinets can be installed. Major equipment connections, such as furnaces, water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, etc. are connected during this time. Final fixtures for plumbing, electrical finishes, light fixtures, and other fixtures are also installed.

At this point, some decide to install appliances such as the dish washers and refrigerators. Ultimately in the end, all final installations must be inspected and the trade workers should ensure everything is working properly. If at this point anything is not working properly, be sure to remedy the issue immediately. You do not want to have to go back and deal with an item when you’re ready to move it. Also make sure at this point that there is clean-up by all the workers.

Stage 3 – Landscaping This final and closing stage on how to build your home will take approximately one week in total (but of course, if you want something extravagant it will take more time). We recommend having a long-term landscaping plan – put the basics in first, then after you move in you can incorporate more detail and personality. This stage can be seen as the final touch to finishing your house building. Items such as fences, decks, walkways, steps, driveways, gardens, shrubs and trees are put into place.

This concludes the summary of the construction phases on how to build your own house. We hope that the breakdown we provided helps you understand the general flow of construction and how much time each stage will take. More detail for each on the phases and stages is found in our in-depth modules on wood-frame building. You can scroll through each of the topic titles for clear detail on how to proceed with each of the construction phases.