Decorative Trim and Fabric

Phase 2: Other Trims

Since these finishes will be on the exterior of your house, they need to be good quality and should be able to resist weather and climate changes and harsh conditions. Also, you should pick trim that allows for easy painting. The fasteners that you will use for the trim need to be corrision-resistant and set in a coat so that they can last. Often, nails are puttied after a prime coat is used, which prevents rust.

Once the wall coverings are done, the team will begin to think about doing other exterior trims for your home. This includes exterior trims like window and door trims and soffits. These trims are cut, fitted and placed on site and can be customized to the design of the building.

We already talked about windows, and here we will get into a litte more of window finishing.  Although windows are important for providing light and air in the home, windows are also part of the architectural home design. So, when you choose the style, size, and design, also think about the kind of frames and trim you will use. You can select a window frame and sash that is made of metal, fibre-glass, wood, or plastic and can mix and match. This all plays in to house the house will look and the exterior feel of the home.

Decorative Trim and Fabric

We love to have a lot of natural light in our house, and because of this we tried to have large areas of glazing. But, there are rules and codes when you build your own house when it comes to window sizes, do check with your local codes before investing and designing. One thing to remember is that more windows means there is more heat loss, and if you have good trim this heat loss can be minimized but not eliminated.

Any kind of wood that is used for a window sash and frame needs to be treated so that decaying is decreased. Any exterior trim for the window is typically attached to the window frame when the window is fabricated and is nailed to the studs.  Any leftover space around thw window frame is usually filled with insualtion.

Exterior door frames will also need to be installed, and using a hardwood increases durability. The door frame needs to be nailed well to the opening framework and the door sill needs to bear solidly on the floor framing.