Build Your Dream Home

As we began to design our home and think about the house building process for our dream home, we realized that there are so many different ways to set the course of your home-building plan. When reading about the different ways, it can seem like creating a plan about how to build your own home is intimidating and difficult. However, what we found was that if you break the process down into sequential steps, the procedure becomes easy and manageable.

We started our building project as do-it yourself entrepreneurs, and because of this we had to do some intensive research into the design and building process for our house. Learning about the process on how to build your own home can be a valuable learning experience, and here we will share with you what we learned during the process.

There is no one “typical” house construction process for a dream home and there are a variety of factors that must be considered.

Ask yourself the following questions to begin:

  1. Will I use a wood-frame structure? (if you are on this website, the answer is YES!) 
  2. Will this be a single house or a subdivision?
  3. How many people and resources will I need for labour?
  4. What is the availability of materials for what I want to build?
  5. What will the weather conditions be like during the construction phase?
  6. What will the site conditions be like?


Because we are teaching you about wood-frame building, the planning process will be centered on the wood-frame approach and its appropriate techniques. Additionally, we will teach you what we learned when we built our 3 bedroom home (but of course, if you are going for a 2 bedroom instead the tutorials are still applicable to you). The very basics will be outlined here – for add-ons such as sunrooms, swimming pools, etc, you will need to visit our other pages for instructions and guidance.

Typically, it takes about 16 weeks to build the wood-frame house structure from start to finish, assuming regular labour and minimal delays. This does NOT include the planning and design process on how to build your house, and this is assuming it is an average 2-3 bedroom dwelling. For larger, more elaborate buildings, 20 weeks or more is needed. For smaller dwellings, the time is cut down to 8 – 10 weeks.

Based on our experience, setting aide late spring, all of summer and part of the fall is ideal for the construction phase of your house building. However, it is still possible to build during other times of the year with proper planning and equipment.
There are delays you must take into consideration when making a timeline on how to build your home and when developing your construction process

  • Obtain building permits – have as many in place as possible when beginning.
  • Material s supplies – is there a shortage or are the supplies easily accessible?
  • Specialized structures and orders – if you are planning on having custom materials/designs, this also adds to the timeline.
  • Unpredictable weather changes and patterns
  • Labour availability or shortage
  • Finance issues