1. Residential House Designs

    Contemporary residential architecture ranging from small glass houses, to luxurious houses. This is a good reference library with a lot of case studies for serious architects, architectures students, and people who like architecture or are looking for good contemporary residential architecture designs examples.

  2. Residential Buildings

    Residential Buildings, a comprehensive list of all kind of residential buildings. In this section we are aiming at presenting over 700 innovative housing designs, ranging from single family houses to apartment blocks, multi-storey and mixed-use developments, duplex and luxurious homes/villas. You will see also all kind of homes styles Mediterranean and Western.

  3. Masdar City: (Source) The City of Sustainability and Renewable Energy

    (Source) The City of sustainability and renewable energy; first in the world.

    Private builders: giant umbrellas, with a design inspired by sunflower, which will provide shading tools that move throughout the day, store heat, and then close and release heat at night in the courtyard of the eco-city in the United Arab Emirates.

    'The Umbrellas sunflower' designed by the Global Laboratory architectural visions [LAVA]is the first city in the world that have a zero carbon and zero waste, and fully recharging of renewable energy sources.

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