Building Materials

To be a successful architects or a designer, you must understand the manufacture/processing, properties, performance, structure, end uses and maintenance requirements of many different kind of material.

We will first talk about materials science,and major materials types (Wood, Steel, and Concrete) and their properties and testing. We shall discuses in details primary building materials such as Wood, Cement, Stone, and Concrete. Also, we will explain the properties of Brick and Block, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.

Then we shall talk about what's considered as secondary building materials. These materials are as following:

1)Board Materials
2)Plastics and Fabrics
3)Insulation Materials
4)Composite Materials
5)Glass and Structural Glazing
6)Sealing Materials
7)Coatings and Finishes
9)Fire and Smoke Resistant Materials
10)Sustainable Materials
11)New and Innovative Building Materials

For more information about Building Materials :

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