Architecture Style

Wide Collections of Courses about Architecture Style; When we talk about architectural styles, we refer to the classifying of architecture in terms of things such as form, techniques, materials, time period, region, etc. The study of Architecture Styles overlaps with the study of evolution and architecture history. For instance, the study of Romanesque Architecture would include all aspects of the cultural context that went into the design and construction of Romanesque structures. In other words, architectural style is just a way of classifying architecture. It gives emphasis to characteristic features of certain design which leads to a terminology such as Romanesque Style, Iconic Style and Gothic style.

There are hundreds of architecture styles from Pre-history to the present such as Neolithic architecture, Adirondack Architecture, Pombaline style, Australian architectural styles, Georgian architecture, Islamic Architecture, American Empire (style), Chilotan architecture style, and Futurist architecture style, just to name a few. However, there are all belong to ten architectural styles which are grouped in four clusters: