Architectural Model Making for Students

Making a scale model is extremely important in the architecture business. In school students are taught to create scale models of their designs projects. Three-dimensional understanding of designs is much better than two-dimensional ones. Models show exactly what the building will look like as they are tangible objects that represent the structure to be built.They are very helpful to study the aspects of an architectural design and to persuade clients of the design ideas. Sometimes, there are even helpful in obtaining permits.

Models can be made using card stock, polystyrene, balsa and bass wood, foam boards and many other materials. As a matter of fact, you could use any type of materials if you have to.

architectural model making

Models can be made for the exterior of buildings including landscaping. Interior models are intended to show interior spaces planning, finishes, and beautification. There are also landscape design and urban design models which usually represent many city blocks or town.

Selecting your model materials

Even though, foam is preferred over board, acrylic, wood, and paperboard are also considered as very good quality materials in making models.

Architecture students are not required or expected to produce professionally made models. However, architects usually hire professional model makers to produce very detailed presentation models.

Scales used:

  • 1:1 Full size for details


  • Scales mainly used for interior spaces/furniture


  • Scales mainly used for interior spaces/detailed floor plans/different floor levels


  • Scales mainly used for building plans/layouts


  • Scales mainly used for building layouts/site plans


  • Scales mainly used for urban scale for site/location plans


  • Scales mainly used for site plans


  • Scales mainly used for site plans and city maps


Basic Architectural Model Making for Sudents