Architect Salary

Regardless of your profession of choice, one of the most important things to remember when selecting your career is that you must love what you are doing. Often in the industry of Architecture, you are required to invest long hours of work for minimal pay. This typically continues until you gain experience and can prove yourself and your talents.

Architecture is more than just a job; it is also a love for art and design. Anyone who goes into the field need to have an appreciation for the art and must understand that, unless there is some sacrifice and hard work, you will not be successful. Thus, it is imperative that you enter the profession with realistic expectations and there must be dedication to your craft. Just like any profession, if you love what you do and are dedicated, your efforts will show in your work and eventually your pay will increase with time and experience.

Salary pay in the profession of Architecture can vary greatly depending on the type of job you do and the country you are working in. There is also a difference in pay based on your gender and whether you are part-time or full-time. Other factors that determine pay include the type of company/firm you are working for, the years of experience you have, and your level of education. Also included in the salary is the kind of benefits you receive as an employee (such as medical benefits, extended medical, retirement options, etc). Some examples of the different jobs within the architecture industry include : cad managers, drafting, detailing specialist, designers and lead designers, estimators, project managers and even computer technicians.

You must be asking yourself, what is the average salary range for these jobs? To determine this, first decide the type of job you want to do in Architecture. Jobs can pat anywhere between $30,000 and $120,000 and in some cases over $120,000. Partners can make over $400,000 when they are successful. From a recent US Department of labor statistics pole, the mean annual salary is is $76,750 per year, and the mean hourly rate is $36.90. The mean salary for a graduate with a Master of Architecture degree has risen from $42,985 to $47,263.

The best way to determine how much you can be paid is to look at the level of experience you have. Below is a list of the different levels you can have in architecture. The listed salary is for those working in the U.S.A. and architect salary in Canada including : Architecture Director, Entry Level Architectural Drafter (Architectural Drafter I),Intermediate Level Architectural Drafter (Architectural Drafter II),Senior Architectural Drafter (Architectural Drafter II), and Architecture Manager

Architect I (aka Entry Level Architect)

Average lowest pay: $32,298

Average mid pay: 40,000

Average high pay: 49,314
Architect II (aka Intermediate Level Architect)

Average lowest pay: $35,546

Average mid pay: 45,000

Average high pay: 55,184
Architect III (aka Senior Level Architect)

Average lowest pay: $38,763

Average mid pay: 48,000

Average high pay: 63,558
Architect IV

Average lowest pay: $42,536

Average mid pay: 55,000

Average high pay: 76,579
Architect IV (aka Architect Consultant)

Average lowest pay: $54,344

Average mid pay: 70,000

Average high pay: 90,648
Partners over $200,000